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Maine, a good place to be . . .

As I write this on September 9, it's impossible to not think back 16 years -- the horror of the World Trade Center's insane, inconsolable loss to terrorism.  All of those people...............

Now, our country is faced with natural disasters: wildfires in the west, hurricanes and flooding in the south.  More loss, much of it irreplaceable.   Twisters reported in the flooded areas; but if your basement is underwater, where do you go?  And more dangers forming in the Atlantic, one storm right after the other.

This writer's former home (just north of Daytona, Florida) was almost certainly struck by the hurricane, and being right between the Atlantic and the Intracoastal Waterway with tidal surge reported as high as 20' -- it could very well be a total loss. I'd have been in that evacuation line on I95 with my most precious essentials in the car, of course; but what about everything else that had to have been left behind?

This then, is time to reflect on how very fortunate and wise we are to be living here in Maine.  Yes, we have snow and cold.  Yes, we occasionally do have to cope with blizzards that shut us down for a day or more.  But we can at least plan ahead and provide for them; there's no effective planning or providing when faced with wildfires, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, or such. And being way out here 'in the boonies' we're not likely to be a target for terrorism.  This is indeed 'the way life should be.'

Lel's count our blessings while our hearts go out to the victims in other parts of the country.