Maine Timeline Challenge

This one's a toughie, lots-o-luck:

we challenge you to arrange these historically significant events in order as they occurred.  The beginning and ending events are fairly easy to identify; those in the middle, not so.........

Number your workpage from 1 to 16, arm yourself with a big eraser, and match with the lettered events; for example, 1-N is your first obviously correct answer (find all the answers with actual dates below the slideshow):


A] Acadians deported from Nova Scotia relocate here peaceably with native tribes

B] Aroostook Bloodless War finally settles Maine's disputed boundaries

C] Champlain explores and maps the Maine coastline

D] Forest fire destroys over 217,000 acres of Maine coast, displacing thousands from homes

E] Freak snowstorm in Portland on the Fourth of July

F] Hamlin & Cyr Plantation 'Little Red Schoolhouses' close, students transfer to Van Buren

G] DHS Customs Border Patrol facility expanded and 'Marty' stirs controversy

H] Maine separates from Massachusetts, gains independent statehood

I] Martin Van Buren, first natural-born President, inaugurated as 8th POTUS

J] Record low temperature for state in January: -50 degrees F in Depot Mtn

K] U.S. battleship 'Maine' sunk in Havana Harbor, start of Spanish-American War

L] U.S. Route 1 established, eventually running from Key West FL to Fort Kent, ME

M] Van Buren's Acadian Village opened

N] Vikings land, explore, trade & settle in Nova Scotia and northern Maine

O] Violette Brook community incorporated as Town of Van Buren

P] WWII German prisoners of war housed in Houlton



1 - N  (1100s)

2 - C  (1612)

3 - A  (mid-1700s)

4 - H (1820)

5 - I  (1837)

6 - B  (1838-39)

7 - E  (1888)

8 - O  (1881)

9 - K  (1898)

10 - L  (1926)

11 - P  (1940s)

12 - D  (1947)

13 - F  (1952-53)

14 - M  (1976)

15 - J  (2009)

16 - G  (2013)