Trivia Challenge

Eastport, Maine is the easternmost city in the entire country; that means it's the first place in the United States to see the sun rise each morning. 

Other states like to claim firsts, too, and proclaim all kinds of real or nutty distinctions.  We've collected a few of them -- just for the fun of it, how many of these oddball trivia questions do you think can be answered by Maine?  Watch out; some of them are rather obvious, but some may also be tricky!

[Answers below the slideshow]


1] Maine was not one of the original 13 colonies to form the U.S., but was an area that split off from Massachusetts and joined as a separate state later.  What was the ONLY state to join the Union in 1820?

     CO    LA    FL    ME

2] Considering all of the coves and bays, which of these states has the longest shoreline?

    NH    ME    IA    CT

3]  The northeast has always promoted higher education for women.  What state is the proud home of all of these originally female colleges: Bates, Bowdoin, AND Colby?

     NH    NY    PA    ME

4]  Which of these otherwise worthy states has tried, but never succeeded in fathering a U.S. President?

     OH    IL    ME    TX

5]  The author of the iconic Acadian poem Evangeline, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, was actually born where?

     NY    LA    ME    NC

6]  The moose is Maine's official animal, but which state has the largest population of moose?

     ME    NH    WY    MN

7]  Which of these multi-seasonal states lies just about half way between the equator and the north pole?

     ID    CO    ME    RI

8] Where was the first naval battle of the Revolutionary War fought (in 1775)?

     SC    LA    NJ    ME

9] There are strict boundary laws about building too close to our border with Canada, but in one of these states there is a country club that straddles that border.  Where is it?

     WA    ME    NH    NY

10]  It's fairly well known that Maine produces the bulk of wooden toothpicks in the U.S. -- so finally, another 'first' question: where was the first sawmill in America built (way back in 1623)?

     ND    NH    VA    ME



Oh, heck -- you've probably figured it out by now (how far down did you get before you realized our little joke?).  

ALL of the questions are correctly answered by Maine.  Yes, every single one.