Maine-Line Shopping

The moose is Maine's designated official animal, and we here at GO-Van Buren are dedicated to showing our sincere respect for our beloved icon.  If your choice includes a relic, be assured it was found in nature in the wild, and is not the product of hunting for profit.  Items being offered will change from time to time; keep checking back, or sign up for our email subscription list to be notified.

In the unlikely event that you have difficulty placing an order (yes, it happens to the best of us), simply 'Contact Us' to let us know what you want, and remit your payment via PayPal to the account: -- you can conveniently use your credit card on PayPal if you don't already have an account set up with them.

Be aware that we ship orders out only once a week on Saturdays, including all orders received by noon the preceding Friday.

Moose-embroidered Baseball Cap

Price: 12.95 USD
With a moose head embroidered on the crown and flame worked onto the visor of a high-quality cap, you'll make it clear where you stand on the subject of wildlife. Adjustable size strap in back. Color choices: black, navy, tan, red, white (only one white left, camouflage showing in cap at left of photo is no longer in stock). Use the 'Comments' block on the order blank to specify choice of color.

Moose checkbook covers

Price: 2.00 USD
"Got Moose?" Maybe you don't actually enjoy paying bills, but you'll surely grin when you pick up your checkbook with one of these covers. They are the same as standard bank issue vinyl, but an impressive moose rack has been added to amusingly ask if you've got what it takes! Each is individually freehand painted, so no two are exactlly alike. Colors available: green, blue, brown. Specify color choice in the 'Comments' block on the order blank and we'll choose a nice one for you.

Moose Leg-bone or Molar Pendants

Price: 5.95 USD
Choose either a moose-leg medallion or molar tooth pendant to wear for wildlife attraction. In the first, you will receive a cross-section slice of an actual leg bone; none exactly alike, of course, but the two pictured here are representative examples (we'll just have to choose for you) -- most are around 1.5 in size, varying slightly in shape according to nature, some with more or less amounts of hardened marrow. Or choose a chunky tooth instead, back-jaw molars approximately 1.5-2" in size, with possible root or other damage just as they came from the moose's mouth (no cleaning unless you want to do it!). The medallions are attractively interesting for dress wear, while the teeth present a more boldly challenging statement; suitable for all ages. Each hangs from an 18" black cord. Each is nestled in a piece of camouflage netting and packaged in a decorative envelope which carries a certificate of authenticity, perfect for gift giving. Use the 'Comments' section on the order blank to specify your preference of medallion or tooth.

Moose lapel pin

Price: 3.50 USD
Have you ever seen a moose riding on a snowmobile? -- well, you have now. With due apologies for the poor photo here, this guy needs a clear description. He's 1 1/8" wide, 1 1/4" tall in amazing 3-D detail that makes him nearly impossible to do justice, but you'll be pleased with his spreading rack and the look of determination on his face as he leans forward to 'go faster!' Pewter-like finish, pinch-pin clasp on the back; could be used as a tie tack as well as a lapel pin to show your interest in north-country moose AND snowmobiling. Comes attached to plastic hangtag imprinted 'Made in USA.'

Moose Game

Price: 5.95 USD
Never let it be said we don't offer variety! Here's a fun game that can be enjoyed at all levels, from kids to stripper adult parties (ooops, did we really SAY that?) -- it has a balance of luck and strategy that readily adapts to family camping trips or bachelor parties and all occasions between. Scoring is with a set of four dice, possession of a moose tile or loss of it (with other penalties optional) is competitive, rules are simple and play can be fast-moving or relaxed. Comes packed in an attractive tin box about 5.5x7.5" printed with that moose, reading "I know I'm cute but no goosing the moose!"