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R.I.P. Theo Nykreim (d. 5/3/17)

 Theodore Palmer Nykreim

Theodore's Story

Stockholm -Theodore Palmer Nykreim, 76, of Stockholm, Maine, died May 3, 2017, after a long illness, with his fiancée, Valada Delaney, by his side. Theo was born in Fox Creek, Wisconsin, to Theodore Nykreim and Ann Maier. He had two brothers, Charles and Kermit and one sister, Lavonne. He had three children with his wife Joan: Torbjorn, Thea Maia, and Guthorm. He adopted Michael. He later married Thea Ann and has a step-daughter, Lauree Jean.
He graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in electrical engineering. He joined the Marines, where he made Captain and became a pilot. He flew C130s carrying supplies into Vietnam. He worked for Boeing where he and two other men developed the skin that covers airplanes. This shell is still used today. He also worked for Lockheed, Rockwell, and E Systems.
He loved airplanes, books and the Acadian culture. He was a member of the Republican party, Heritage Groups, "Get salmon back into Maine", and Go Van Buren. He was a Selectman for Stockholm. Theo promoted tourism in Northern Maine.
Theo was predeceased by his parents, his son Torbjorn and wife Thea Ann. He leaves behind his fiancée, Valada, and his children: Thea Maia, Guthorm, Michael, and step-daughter Lauree. 
reprinted from the Bangor Daily News, 5/17/2017


Remembering Theo

Dear Val, . . . and all the rest of you who loved Theo and Theo loved in return.


    I was unaware that Ted started calling himself “Theo” when he moved to Maine but I think he wanted to break from the past and start his new life there with a new name. Of his homes and places he traveled to I now believe that Maine was the happiest, and it was best because of all of you. 

    In May I sent a longer appreciation and history of our friendship which I think you published somewhere there so his Maine friends could know a little more about his life before he came there. Thank you.

    It seems to be common at memorial services to say “He / she is in a better place,” referring to a celestial home. When Theo arrived in Stockholm he was “in a better place”, a terrestrial home for the ages. 

    Thank you for all for taking him into your hearts.


Dave Thompson  (email dated 9/7/17)