Related Pairs Challenge

Match these words into pairs that are related to each other in some way.  The sneaky challenge on this one is that many of the words could be paired with others in more than one relationship, so the chances are the first time through there will be some leftovers; go back and reshuffle until all words are paired evenly. 

[See answers below slideshow]

baking     blueberries      cake      cat     chicadee      chocolate      collar      computer      cookies      dog      eagle      goose      Gopher      home      moose      mouse     news       overpass     pie       potatoes     state       stoplight      village       website  




Confession time: we lied.

We're not specifying answers to this one, because there are so many possible variations.  If you've managed to match up all the words with no leftovers, and they make sense to you as legitimate matches, you're OK.

There are only two we'd look for:

Chicadee and moose are well-matched because they're 'official' state mammal and bird.  Overpass and stoplight are well-matched because Van Buren doesn't have either.