A good chance to enjoy 'the way life should be'

On this page, we plan to feature a series of interesting opportunities for you to look into; properties available locally that have promising income/investment potential.  We'll highlight different properties from time to time on no particular schedule, so keep checking back and by all means come visit to look around.  With just a little research, you'll find full purchase prices here that would be comparable to only down payments elsewhere!

Suggestions for the commercial use of these properties are just that: suggestions that may or may not appeal to you, and could be easily adapted.  GO-Van Buren has absolutely no financial interest in marketing these properties, and are motivated solely by our goal of promoting our community.  If you do end up viewing one of these properties -- or even buying one as a result of finding it here -- how about letting us know, so we can get a big smile?

105 Main Street

This very special home has in the past served as a bed-&-breakfast and, as such, could be a good source of retirement income while enjoying an ambience second to none for your own pleasure and comfort.  The location right on U/S. 1 is within a block of Van Buren's downtown business district, easy to find and convenient to practically all that the area has to offer tourists.

If you have children, the home is within easy walking distance of the town's K-12 school and library, both without crossing Main Street.

Built in 1850 by one of the town's original Acadian settlers, it is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.  In fact, a search online will turn up a number of links; in other words, for good or bad your home would be more or less open to public view.  Although one of those links refers to the location as a restaurant at some point, that would not be a viable enterprise to consider in our opinion because of limited off-street parking.  There is a double garage at the rear of the house and a parking area, but not large enough to accomodate more than a few vehicles at one time.

With numerous modernizing updates over the years, the home offers no less than SIX bedrooms, a modern kitchen, 2 full bathrooms and 2 half-baths, and more than enough vintage charm to please any visitor.  Can't you imagine B&B guests relaxing in rocking chairs on that wrap-around porch (viewing Canada just across the lovely St. John River), catering a family reunion by that fireplace, cooking up your own family's holiday feast in that spacious kitchen, helping the grandkids build a huge snowman on the side lawn -- all in a delightful home to be proud of?

Believe it or not, the asking price is a modest $92,900; contact realtor at 207-781-3400 for more information (and how about mentioning you saw it here?).