True or False?

You know the routine -- just make sure to read carefully.

This is a fairly easy challenge; in fact, if you get more than 4 or 5 of these wrong, shame on you!  Find the answers below the slideshow.





1] Maine is the only U.S. state with a one-syllable name.

2] Maine is the only U.S. state to share a border with only one other state.

3] Maine was named after a province in the Normandy area of France.

4] Maine is north of the Canadian capital city of Toronto.

5] Maine is north of the Alaskan capital city of Juneau.

6] Maine is the only U.S. state where you can visit Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Mexico, China, or Peru in a one-day trip (without travelling by air).

7] Aroostook County is just about the same size as the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island combined.

8] Aroostook County (and quite possibly the location of our Acadian Village, although difficult to verify) was the opening scene in Longfellow's epic poem, "Evangeline."

9] Not surprisingly, over half of the Lewis & Clark expedition manpower came from Aroostook County's hardy, experienced woodsmen.

10] The area we now know as Aroostook County, Maine, was once a part of Massachusetts.

11] The native MicMac and Malaseet tribes fought a vicious territorial war in Aroostook County in 1702, costing hundreds of lives.

12] The northern-most stop light on historic US Route 1 is on Van Buren's Main Street; the next one going south is more than 20 miles away.

13] Van Buren's welcoming moose statue at the entrance to our CBP facility was sculpted right here in Maine, in nearby Hammond.

14] Van Buren holds the record snowfall for Maine, at 120 inches, back in 1943.

15] Martin Van Buren, the 8th POTUS for whom the town was named, graciously attended the dedication ceremony when the town incorporated.

16] Many of Van Buren's town streets are named after U.S. presidents, including Hoover, Champlain and Lafayette.

17] 'George Washington slept here' -- in the grand Ferrell-Michaud house newly constructed on the corner of Poplar and Main Streets, in December of 1802.

18] More than one Van Buren home currently serving as a residence is totally 'off the grid' and can be reached in winter only by snowmobile.

19] More than one Van Buren home encloses an original log structure, entirely hidden now by a conventional exterior.

20] Bucolic Violette Brook running through the center of town once powered a working saw mill.

21] Van Buren was once a fast-growing community with two operating movie theaters, a hospital, three grocery stores, and several automobile dealerships.

22] No less than 10 sites in the town are listed on the National Registry of History Places.

23] 'No-see-ums' refers to tiny insects that swarm like a low cloud in spring.

24] 'Fiddleheads' refers to the unopened young sprouts of ferns, favored locally as greens.

25] Two U.S. presidents and one vice-president have retired quietly to homes in southern Maine.

26] When travelling in Maine, watch out for moose in low-lying areas, especially at dusk; they're huge, threatening and aggressive.

27 When travelling in Maine, you aren't distracted by billboards along the roads because they're illegal.

28] Despite being characterized as a 'conservative' Republican state, such 'liberal' issues as unisex marriage and recreational marijuana use are both legal in Maine.

29] To date, every member of Congress representing Maine has been a Republican; it's a virtual requirement to get elected.

30] People born in Maine are called Mainers (or, attectionately Mainiacs); all others, regardless of how long they've lived here, are considered Outlanders.

31] The prominant surname Violette in this area actually refers to a delicate pastry from Ruen, France, not a color.

32] . . . and finally, just to end on a round number and give you a good chance to get another correct answer, did you find this challenge as much fun as the others?




1 - 3] T

4] F; Toronto isn't Canada's capital but we're still north of Ottowa, which is.

5] F; No way, thank goodness

8] F; That was Grand Pre, Nova Scotia

9] F; No record of any of them from here

10] T

11] F; No record of any such war

12] F; No stoplight in Van Buren

13] T

14] F; That's just an average, not a record

15] F; No record of any such visit

16] F; none of those men (Hoover, Champlain or Lafayette) were presidents

17] F; No record of any such visit

18 - 22] T

22] F; There are only two: the Farrell-Michaud House and the Acadian Village

23 - 24] T

25] F; Summer homes, but no retirements here yet

26] F; Moose are not normally aggressive -- except in rutting season

27 - 28] T

29] F; Current Senator Angus King is an Independent

30] T

31] F; France has not exported any such recipe as yet; maybe it should

32] ?