Maine Celebrity Challenge

Maine may be a relatively small state, but we can claim a fair share of famous and notable people, some born here and some who simply choose to live here -- either as permanent residents or with part-year homes -- and even a few with significant connections in one way or another

Your challenge here is to match the two columns below, 'Who' with 'What' they are notable for. When you've matched celebrated people lettered A to Z with their brief descriptions 1 to 26, check your list against the answers given below the slideshow.

  • WHO

    A] Kirsty Ally
    B] George H. Bush
    C] Ricky Craven*
    D] Bette Davis
    E] Patrick Dempsey*
    F] Dorothea Dix*
    G] John Ford*
    H] Jonathan Frakes
    I] Hannibal Hamlin*
    J] Winslow Homer
    K] Stephen King*
    L] Linda Lavin*
    M] Henry Wadsworth Longfellow*
    N] Vaughn Meader*
    O] Edna St.Vincent Millay
    P] Edmund Muskie*
    Q] Nelson Rockefeller*
    R] "Moose" Skowran
    S] Margaret Chase Smith*
    T] Martha Stewart
    U] Noel Paul Stookey
    V] Harriet Beecher Stowe
    W] John Travolta
    X] Rudy Vallee*
    Y} E. B. White
    Z] Andrew Wyeth
    *born in Maine

  • WHAT?

    1] 1st woman to serve in Congress
    2] 15th VP of the U.S.
    3] artist: realist paintings
    4] artist: seascapes
    5] actor: "Greese"
    6] actor: "Grey's Anatomy"
    7] actor: "Star Trek"
    8] actress: "Alice"
    9] actress: "Cheers"
    10] author: "Charlotte's Web"
    11] author: "Evangeline"
    12] author: horror fiction
    13] author: "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
    14] business tycoon/philanthropist
    15] comedian, JFK impersonator
    16] "good thing" entrepreneur
    17] MLB 1st baseman
    18] NASCAR driver
    19] OSCAR: film director
    20} OSCAR: Hollywood star
    21] poet laureate
    22] singer: Peter, Paul & Mary
    23] singer/actor/bandleader
    24] social reformer
    25] POTUS contender, 1968
    26] POTUS: summer resident, Kennebunkport


A-9      B-26     C-18     D-20     E-6      F-24

G-19     H-7      I-2      J-4      K-12     L-8

M-11     N-15     O-21     P-25     Q-14     R-17

S-1      T-16     U-22     V-13     W-5      X-23

Y-10     Z-3