Scramble Challenge

Here's a list of 'local' food items that might be found in a typical northern Maine kitchen, except that the spellings have been scrambled to alphabetical order.  Although they're all common enough to most Mainers, if you're from another part of the country some may be tough for you to recognize. 

OK, so you might not be overly eager to try them all after you learn more about them (ever watched a damn-Yankee being introduced to chitlins or poi?), but can you at least unscramble some of them?

[Answers below the slideshow]

1]  e i m o x

2]  e l o p s y

3]  e g i m n p u

4]  e k m o p r s s

5]  e i n o p s t u

6]  a c d e e e e h h s

7]  a c e e f k l n n u

8]  a d d e i l n n o s

9]  a e l m p p r s u y

10]  a d d d e e f h i l s

11]  a c e f h n o r s t t

12]  a a b d e g l o o s s u

13]  b b e e e i l p r r u y

and, of course, Maine's own original creation:

14]  e e h i i o o p p s w



1] Moxie -- a bitter-sweet carbonated soft drink that originated in Maine

2] ployes -- buckwheat pancakes griddled on only one side; often eaten with molasses and/or served with chicken stew

3] pine gum -- the hardened sap scraped from pine tree bark, chewed by old-timers

4] mess pork -- think of salt pork (or fatback) but with little or no fat; used for seasoning

5] poutines -- french fries smothered in brown gravy and melted cheese

6] head cheese -- jellied sandwich meat made from the head of pigs

7] funnel cake -- deep-fried disks of bread dough, often sprinkled with sugar and found as a treet at street fairs

8] dandelions -- picked young, before blossom heads form; eaten as fresh salad or steamed greens

9] maple syrup -- everyone knows this one; but in the far north, it's heated to a boil and dribbled onto plates of fresh clean snow, like a candy

10] fiddleheads -- the unopened buds of ferns harvested in early spring; a popular vegetable

11] french toast -- familiar enough!

12] blood sausage -- yes, just what it sounds.  Don't think about it; it's actually hearty and delicious, but you just have to have been brought up with it.

13] blueberry pie -- Maine is the major producer of wild blueberries, you know.

14] whoopie pies -- originated in Maine; available home-made in just about every eatery.