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Central Van Buren in northern Maine, with New Brunswick, Canada across the St. John River. You are cordially invited to come see for yourself what Van Buren and the surrounding area of bucolic but vibrant Aroostook County have to offer; click 'Visit' on the menu above.

Who Are We?

GO Van Buren is a varied group of individuals, all residents of Van Buren, Maine and its surrounding communities, each of us proud of our place as "Gateway to the Saint John Valley."  GO Van Buren is primarily TOWN oriented, not commerce oriented . . . so we have more latitude to work freely for the general benefit of all, without the natural constraints of commercial, political or fraternal interests . . .  and you are welcome to participate regardless of age or affiliation.  But your input and participation are needed. We can be reached by clicking the 'Contact Us' menu button above; all questions and comments are given our prompt attention.  

What do we do?

GO Van Buren's ongoing projects include:

1] Our Aroostook Artisans Craft Fair, growing in popularity and prestige; the next schedule will be announced here.  Click 'Craft Fair' above for details.

2]  A fascinating tour of down-town Van Buren in tri-fold leaflet form reminiscing 'the way we were' and giving interesting trivia, plus a sort of 'Treasure Hunt' of things to find during the walk.  You can copy it free of charge for use at reunions, as goodwill tourist handouts, etc. -- and it even has a space to insert your business card, advertising copy, or other message.  Send a stamped, self-addressed #10 envelope to: GO-Van Buren Downtown Tour, 68 Main St., Ste. 101, Van Buren, ME 04785

3] The GOPHER, a community newsletter offering news and info about our town and neighboring communities -- publication currently suspended but will be reactivated soon.

4] Blogs -- an online resource (right here) that offers you a place to voice opinions and contribute valuable information about Van Buren, as well as publishing Gopher editorials and notable feature articles too long to include in the printed version.

5] Our newest effort is the online store accessed by the link above.  It hopefully offers some goodies of interest to lovers of Maine wildlife -- but sales are also an attempt to support our website.  Take a look and give us some feedback.